Definition of eradicator in English:



See eradicate

  • ‘Farmers reportedly lay down in front of the tractors, saying they would rather be killed than give up their crop, and a hail of gunfire could be heard coming from the fields where crowds had converged on the eradicators.’
  • ‘it pays to note that high-test gasoline, calcium cyanide and DDT were three of the best bedbug eradicators.’
  • ‘Trade, on the other hand, has always been ‘the extinguisher of war, the eradicator of prejudice, the diffuser of knowledge’.’
  • ‘But my request to interview D.A. Henderson, the famed smallpox eradicator and head of the newly created Office of Public Health Preparedness at HHS, was rebuffed.’
  • ‘A vine may be just the leafy eradicator you need.’