Definition of erectness in English:



See erect

  • ‘Hosfield transferred the genes for erectness, canning quality, and virus resistance into red bean germplasm.’
  • ‘As they stood in a gallery where Sheetrock walls meet steel floor plates without baseboard or molding, they mediated gently, calling attention to proportions and borders and to the propriety of erectness.’
  • ‘Concomitantly, most favored female bodies with rounded chests that were attributable, in part, to an erectness of figure that also was considered essential to female beauty.’
  • ‘Since Darwin's day, paleoanthropologists have energetically sought the key to hominid erectness in many different places.’
  • ‘Still, she had a vigour and erectness about her, and I was glad to see that a smile of welcome and interest began to play about her face.’