Definition of erector in English:



  • 1A person or thing that erects something.

    • ‘Working inside the cramped attic directly above the fragile plaster ceiling, erectors assembled the trusses with bolts instead of welds because of the threat of fire.’
    • ‘To erect the trusses, the steel erector used twelve 78-ft-tall shoring towers, one under each tip of each cantilever.’
    • ‘Even so, with bolts and base plates at myriad angles, the steel erector had to maneuver the pieces with hydraulic rams and remove some to fit others in to fine-tune sequencing.’
    • ‘Structural steel fabricators and erectors are being hit particularly hard as they face the dual challenge of increased foreign competition in a dwindling market.’
    • ‘But that doesn't mean that erectors enjoyed a great year in 2001.’
    • ‘Another group that may benefit from the need for enhanced security is steel erectors.’
    • ‘The steel erector says the frame went together better than expected, but says the success of the job hinged on the ironworkers' dedication and six to eight months of planning.’
    • ‘The erector then used the trichord's upper chords to support a work platform for the arch.’
    • ‘PLANNED ACTION by steel erectors, pipe fitters and welders to hit construction work on high-profile sites for this week has been called off after employers rushed to negotiate a deal.’
    • ‘So he went to night school to study engineering and became a steel erector.’
    • ‘It is clear that steel erectors are highly skilled and respected workers at the top end of the construction and engineering trade.’
    • ‘The push for the campaign, which could affect sites across Britain, comes in the wake of the victory by 240 steel erectors at the Wembley stadium site.’
    • ‘The Dutch steel erectors walked out of the site, to the cheers of the locked out workers, complaining bitterly about being ‘lied to’ by management.’
    • ‘NO formal training was given to crane erectors at a London site where three men plunged 450 ft to their deaths when a crane collapsed, an inquest was told.’
    • ‘The movement of these protests allows them to be assembled and relocated with minimal equipment and unskilled erectors.’
    • ‘The steel erectors won their victory in September, defeating an attempt by construction contractors to break national terms and conditions.’
    • ‘Steel suppliers and erectors were all from eastern Germany where pay for craftsmen is still lower than in the west.’
    • ‘The drawings used by the erectors had not shown the pin.’
    • ‘SOME 20,000 steel erectors, pipe fitters and welders across Britain could strike over pay.’
    • ‘The officials then went off with ten or so steel erectors to a meeting in a local hotel to try and get them to start work.’
    1. 1.1A muscle which maintains an erect state of a part of the body or an erect posture of the body.
      ‘a spinal erector’
      • ‘That's a shame, because these exercises build an excellent foundation of mass and strength by stressing many muscles at once, especially the trapezius, spinal erectors and quadriceps.’
      • ‘Continue to train abdominals and spinal erectors, as muscle at the front and back of your midsection will distract from your waist width.’
      • ‘The light weight/high repetitions of an inline stride's push-off strengthen the spinal erectors (lower back muscles).’
      • ‘Keep your back upright throughout the movement in order to place more stress on your quads and less on your glutes and spinal erectors.’
      • ‘With forward head postures, shortening occurs in the suboccipital muscles and lengthening takes place in the cervical and thoracic erector spinae muscles.’
      • ‘During the return, I straighten up by pulling my shoulders back and arching my spine to contract the spinal erectors and glutes.’
      • ‘Two of the three divisions of the erector spinae muscle are identified in this cut: longissimus and multifidus.’
      • ‘Your abdominal and erector spinae muscles isometrically contract to stabilize your torso as you move.’
      • ‘The rectus and the obliques flex your spine, and all of your abdominals, along with the erector spinae muscles of your back, stabilize your spine.’
      • ‘I'm really trying to focus these on the lower lat area where the lats tie into the spinal erectors.’
      • ‘The spinal erectors support virtually the entire length of your spine, running along both sides.’
      • ‘Throughout the lift, flex your spinal erectors and pull your shoulders back.’
      • ‘Add stretching and calf work, and include some hyperextensions for your spinal erectors.’
      • ‘I straighten up, contracting my abs and arching my back to bring the spinal erectors into play.’
      • ‘Depending on the rowing exercise, your spinal erectors may also get into the act.’
      • ‘The main back muscles involved are the erector spinae.’
      • ‘The spine is stable and still, with the rectus abdominis, obliques and erector spinae muscle isometrically contracting.’
      • ‘The initial lift of the bar targets the lower back and thickens the erectors, the middle part of the lift widens the barn-door lats, and the squeeze and lockout at the top emphasize the upper back.’
      • ‘On many bodybuilding champions, you don't see the lower-lat attachments, the obliques and how the erectors flow down the lower back.’
      • ‘Coming up is a very limited movement using only my erectors.’
    2. 1.2North American Trademark A construction toy consisting of components for making model buildings and vehicles.
      as modifier ‘an Erector set’
      • ‘Thus, the Erector set of the modern recording studio can be used to create both reproduced and rendered music.’
      • ‘Sometimes it can be like trying to build with LEGO and an Erector set; both are good tools, but neither fits the other's idea of how to put the world together.’
      • ‘Most of the toys I requested for gifts on my birthday and at Christmas came from the company best known as the maker of the Erector set.’
      • ‘So it's, you know, like watching your kids put an Erector set together.’
      • ‘The set is a giant Erector set, with all kinds of gizmos activated by visible stagehands.’
      • ‘He humorously compares the amount of metal in his body now to ‘a small Erector set.’’