Definition of eremitic in English:



See eremite

‘On the other they meet Paul the Hermit, the traditional founder of the eremitic life.’
  • ‘While the saint's dress denotes the eremitic character of the order of friars at S. Andrea, a remarkable and unexampled feature is the fiery red halo shining around Augustine's head.’
  • ‘In the words of a leading twentieth-century Athonite monk, Fr Theoklitos of Dionysiou, ‘it is the eremitic life that constitutes the primary form of monasticism in the East.’’
  • ‘To try and liven up the downcast mood, some of my fellow-tourists start reminiscing about more productive quests for an appointment with our eremitic host.’
  • ‘Vasari's portrait of the aged Piero as eremitic and antisocial has influenced the way scholars have read the few available documents.’



/ˌerəˈmidik/ /ˌɛrəˈmɪdɪk/