Definition of ergodic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting systems or processes with the property that, given sufficient time, they include or impinge on all points in a given space and can be represented statistically by a reasonably large selection of points.

    • ‘Doeblin also contributed to the theory of random chains with complete connection, some of which was used in a paper by him on ergodic properties of continued fractions.’
    • ‘While in the Harvard College Observatory he worked on many mathematical and astronomical subjects including topology and ergodic theory.’
    • ‘He introduced ergodic methods into number theory in his first work.’
    • ‘His ergodic theorem transformed the Maxwell - Boltzmann kinetic theory of gases into a rigorous principle through the use of Lebesgue measure.’
    • ‘His ergodic theorem gave the kinetic theory of gases a rigorous basis.’


Early 20th century from German ergoden, from Greek ergon ‘work’ + hodos ‘way’ + -ic.