Definition of ergometer in English:



  • An apparatus which measures work or energy expended during a period of physical exercise.

    ‘the subject's anaerobic power was determined by having them pedal a bicycle ergometer’
    • ‘Comparing results at identical levels of exercise on a cycle ergometer provides an effort-independent measure of physiologic training responses.’
    • ‘Forty men from the Indian army were administered maximal exercise on a bicycle ergometer in a graded work load protocol.’
    • ‘A bicycle ergometer was used to exercise the subjects.’
    • ‘Finally, we measured cardiopulmonary function during maximal exercise on a cycle ergometer.’
    • ‘At-rest measurements were made with subjects seated on the bicycle ergometer in the same position as during exercise.’
    • ‘The patients exercised on cycle ergometers for 45 minutes, 3 times a week for 7 weeks, at high-intensity targets while receiving 3 liters per minute of either oxygen or compressed air.’
    • ‘The bicycle ergometer was set at a minimal tension level and had a built-in measure of distance that was calibrated for accuracy.’
    • ‘The primary outcome variable was improvement in exercise capacity, measured in watts on a cycle ergometer.’
    • ‘The first stage of the training sessions was continuous endurance training on a bicycle ergometer.’
    • ‘Half the group were given a bicycle ergometer and the other half were equipped with the units.’
    • ‘Two boys and two girls aged 12 to 14 years old each raced 1000 meters on the ergometer with their final time averaged to get the team's result.’
    • ‘To stabilize gas measurements, patients were asked to remain still on the ergometer for 3 min before exercising.’
    • ‘I keep it up, trying to emulate Muller's technique, using the ergometer's monitor to guide me.’
    • ‘The endurance exercise component of rehabilitation emphasizes exercise on both the treadmill and the cycle ergometer, and with adequate oxygen saturation via supplemental oxygen.’
    • ‘Get cranking on an arm ergometer or use a rowing machine with a palms-up grip, O'Connor suggests.’
    • ‘Participating rowing clubs and health clubs nationwide will provide free access to ergometers and/or boats, as well as instruction on technique.’
    • ‘The second test consisted of exercising for 20 minutes on a cycle ergometer.’
    • ‘The new index was not affected by the site of testing, the ergometer, and the system used for measuring gas exchange.’
    • ‘Another demonstrated an increase in average power output on a cycle ergometer during repeated 10 second sprints.’
    • ‘He has swapped ergometers for knot-tying and oars for ropes.’