Definition of ergometrine in English:



mass nounChemistry
  • An alkaloid present in ergot. An amide of lysergic acid, it has oxytocic activity and is given to control bleeding after childbirth.

    • ‘The studies reviewed used oxytocin, ergometrine, or a mixture of those drugs administered intravenously or intramuscularly immediately after delivery of the infant.’
    • ‘Doctors seldom have an important role, except perhaps to provide reassurance, but they may need to administer a uterine contractant such as ergometrine.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I delivered the placenta without difficulty, or ergometrine.’
    • ‘In this trial, women tended to have a lower height of the uterine fundus from day 1 postpartum and had a significantly lower height on day 5 postpartum than those receiving ergometrine.’


1930s from ergot + Greek mētra ‘womb’ + -ine.