Definition of ergosphere in English:



  • A postulated region round a black hole, from which energy could escape.

    • ‘If we ever come across a black hole in the future, and provided we are sufficiently technologically advanced, we may be able to utilise the ergosphere of a black hole to extract energy.’
    • ‘A global observer sees a region around rotating black holes, called the ergosphere, as possibly bending electromagnetic radiation according to a negative refractive index.’
    • ‘Each quantum a heavily compressed package of that essential single substance, locked forever inside the tiny ergosphere that it created for itself.’
    • ‘The ergosphere is bounded on the outside by the static or stationary surface, and on the inside by the outer event horizon.’
    • ‘In a rotating black hole, the ergosphere is associated with the stationary limit, the location at which space-time is flowing at the speed of light.’