Definition of Erinys in English:



  • (in Greek mythology) a Fury.

    • ‘When Indra slays Vrita, Brahmahatya, a terrible retributive apparition, like the Erinyes or Furies of Greek myth, pursues him.’
    • ‘Eumenides takes his name from classical Greece, where it was a euphemism for the Furies, those terrifying Erinyes optimistically renamed ‘the kindly ones’ at the end of Aeschylus' Oresteia.’
    • ‘In the course of this event, the Erinyes - the monsters who take vengeance on the wrongdoers, sort of a spiritual force who suddenly appear, as apparitions, and destroy and tear apart those who have been the wrongdoers - appeared.’
    • ‘And then there's the Furies: Erinys, goddesses of vengeance.’
    • ‘Clytemnestra's avengers, the Erinyes, suffer a similar fate at the hands of male mythologists and Aeschylus.’


From Greek Erinus.