Definition of erodible in English:


Pronunciation /iˈrōdəbəl/


See erode

‘Much of Sellers’ ground is highly erodible, yet switchgrass flourishes.’
  • ‘The initiative would allow landowners to make better economic use of their land, particularly of isolated and erodible land not suitable for agriculture or commercial clear-fell forestry.’
  • ‘To make matters worse, farmers plow highly erodible land - land too dry or too steeply sloping to sustain cultivation - to satisfy, the swelling demand.’
  • ‘On well drained or highly erodible soils, residue left over the row will absorb raindrop impact, reducing erosion and crusting in the row and serving as a mulch to reduce drying of the seed zone.’
  • ‘Piping is favoured by high infiltration rates, pre-existing cracks and voids, an impermeable sub-layer, steep gradients, and erodible materials.’