Definition of erosive in English:



See erosion

  • ‘People experience degrees of severity ranging from only symptoms to erosive esophagitis that damages your esophagus.’
  • ‘Her use of both additive and erosive techniques - like oil paint overlays and sanding away to reveal a hint of wood beneath - - add to the ambiguity of the final effect, suggesting the mystery of elements just out of sight.’
  • ‘Half a million visitors a year have taken their toll on the place, defiling the green shores and slopes of Walden Pond through the erosive effect of their activity.’
  • ‘By this, I mean the erosion of a general belief in human dignity and in the promotion or legitimisation of values that are erosive to our democracy.’
  • ‘Beavers, through their dam-building efforts, had reduced the erosive power of the San Pedro.’