Definition of eroticize in English:


(British eroticise)


[with object]
  • Give (something or someone) erotic qualities.

    ‘we will explore why certain symbols and body shapes are eroticized’
    ‘porn eroticizes immorality’
    as adjective eroticized ‘eroticized images’
    • ‘In his hallucinatory images, eroticized decorative motifs derived from organic forms add an emotional charge to an apocalyptic vision.’
    • ‘The process of sensitizing us to child porn also forces us to eroticize children.’
    • ‘I am not the origin of the desire that operates within my vision; it is from Eros that I derive the libidinal quality of my gaze which eroticizes the world.’
    • ‘Who was the first to write that beauty standards imposed on women create the look of an assault victim, thus demonstrating the immense problem we have with eroticizing violence?’
    • ‘I guess what you must ask yourself is are you prepared to date someone who eroticizes race in a way that may be confining to your individual personality?’
    • ‘When the school day is done, they will turn to the videos and music that feed them eroticized violence and surround them with language that knows no constraints.’
    • ‘Desire is punished, and the punishment is eroticized, and the erotic, as it always does, seeks its final release in death.’
    • ‘Masculinity is eroticized by artistic boys as they yearn for male acceptance.’
    • ‘Instead, they are taught to eroticize power inequalities as something that feels good and right.’
    • ‘Furthermore, soldiers are purposefully trained to eroticize violence - from a heterosexual, male-aggressor perspective, even if some soldiers are gay and some are women.’
    • ‘But hey, the guy works at a gym, maybe he's learned to eroticize red-faced girls who are streaming with sweat.’
    • ‘My theory is that men have by and large eroticised freedom, while women have eroticised its absence.’
    • ‘His tendency to eroticise every same sex friendship is often preposterous.’
    • ‘Such impositions of meaning shape the sexual experience, and space becomes eroticized by social actors through their construction of a sense of place.’
    • ‘The unusual focus on Gerald's neck eroticizes this aspect of his body by highlighting the fact that here his clothes start, just where his statuesque body begins.’
    • ‘In the conjoining of the two bodies, arms wrapped around the other, one may eroticize the encounter or stab the other in the back - or both.’
    • ‘It is all in the service of eroticizing the violence to the point where the film operates more as a psychosexual exploration than a horror film.’
    • ‘The central tenet of this sexuality is eroticizing dominance and subordination.’
    • ‘I was thinking more along the lines of the camera eroticizing the space before its lens, actually.’
    • ‘Yet, inversely, at the same time a different audience eroticizes women bodybuilders solely for their physiques - as a burgeoning underground muscle-fetish industry proves.’