Definition of erotomania in English:



mass noun
  • 1Excessive sexual desire.

    • ‘Changes in sexual behavior, though uncommon, have been seen in patients with epilepsy, including hypersexuality, pansexuality, erotomania, sexual paranoia, exhibitionism, and fetishism.’
    • ‘I mean, I don't have to worry about the kinds of tricky situations that erotomania would lead me into, and I don't have to fear the damage that kleptomania or pyromania might cause me to inflict.’
    • ‘Thus, it's easier to sort for little things like erotomania, or a pathological inability to communicate.’
    • ‘The creation of art could either serve as a ‘cure’ for erotomania or lead to madness or suicide.’
    • ‘These herbs may not offer a direct or long lasting solution, but rather they may help in cases of transient "erotomania".’
    1. 1.1Psychiatry A delusion in which a person (typically a woman) believes that another person (typically of higher social status) is in love with them.
      • ‘Houran's studies indicate that the most deeply obsessed also show signs of erotomania, the delusion of having a love affair with an unattainable or uninterested person.’
      • ‘In the run-up to her death psychiatrists deemed she suffered from a condition known as erotomania in which people believe others to be in love with them.’
      • ‘A woman masquerades as a doctor, but is stalking a male staff member as part of a delusion of erotomania.’
      • ‘The 43-year-old cleaner, who suffers from a condition known as De Cleranbault's Syndrome - also known as erotomania - believed Father Jonathan Hart was in love with her.’
      • ‘Then, overwhelmed with erotomania, she showers him with emails, attaching naked pictures of herself.’’