Definition of erratically in English:



  • In a manner that is not even or regular in pattern or movement; unpredictably.

    ‘he had been seen driving erratically minutes before the accident’
    ‘you're having mood swings and behaving erratically’
    • ‘I nod slightly, causing my head to pound erratically.’
    • ‘Capitalisation is often omitted or used erratically, except for names.’
    • ‘He acts erratically, his judgment is poor - at times, dangerously poor.’
    • ‘Note that the grooves in some wooden surfaces may cause the computer's mouse to behave erratically.’
    • ‘The risk of depression may increase again during the transition to menopause, when hormone levels begin to fluctuate erratically.’
    • ‘A week later a police constable investigated a report of a car being driven erratically.’
    • ‘He had caused no trouble and kept himself to himself, but had been behaving erratically for a few days in and around the flat.’
    • ‘Witnesses say the plane may have been flying erratically just before the crash.’
    • ‘This unusual mixture of musical styles can be a bit off-putting, as the album erratically loses and gains momentum from track to track.’
    • ‘Clutching her hand to her erratically beating heart, she glanced around her.’