Definition of eructate in English:


intransitive verb

[no object] formal
  • Emit stomach gas noisily through the mouth; belch.

    ‘he frequently eructates without cause’
    • ‘they finish a large meal, then get up and eructate loudly’
    • ‘Someone has told them that ruminants eructate methane into the atmosphere, and that methane is a terrible greenhouse gas.’
    • ‘Methane as a byproduct can be exhaled or eructated by the animal.’
    • ‘Most of the gas is eructated, but much will enter the intestine , where some will be absorbed and some passed later.’
    • ‘Although they don't need to and indeed cannot eructate, they still contribute their fair share of gases.’
    • ‘She happened, after a very hearty meal, to eructate.’
    • ‘These thinkers simply eructate, belching out high-sounding nonsense.’
    • ‘Halfway through the silence, his mobile eructates into action.’
    • ‘Because this foam is relatively stable, it can't be eructated.’
    • ‘Our vet discovered a laser methane gun which, when pointed at a cow's nose for a period, can measure the amount of methane released when she eructates.’
    • ‘Animals also exhale and eructate carbon dioxide.’



/əˈrəkˌtāt/ /əˈrəkˌteɪt/ /ēˈrəkˌtāt/ /iˈrəkˌteɪt/