Definition of erythemal in English:




See erythema

  • ‘Clinical studies have shown no difference in the erythemal response to ultraviolet radiation between children and adults.’
  • ‘A depletion of the ozone column by 25% could increase the erythemal exposure of field scientists or indigenous arctic people by approximately 40% during the spring.’
  • ‘At 24 hours after irradiation, sites were visually assessed to determine the minimal erythemal dose, i.e. the lowest dose at which erythema was perceptible.’
  • ‘In the past, the term minimum erythemal dose was often used as a measure of the cumulative UVR (ultraviolet radiation) exposure required to induce erythema or sunburn in people.’
  • ‘On average, subjects received a UVR dose of 4.6% of the ambient daily erythemal UVR.’