Definition of erythrocyte in English:



  • A red blood cell, which (in humans) is typically a biconcave disc without a nucleus. Erythrocytes contain the pigment haemoglobin, which imparts the red colour to blood, and transport oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues.

    • ‘The deformation of the human erythrocyte or red blood cell has been the topic of detailed investigation for many decades.’
    • ‘There are three chapters devoted to the structure and function of erythrocytes and white blood cells.’
    • ‘Sickle cell erythrocytes have decreased oxygen affinity and increased unsaturated hemoglobin in the arterial blood.’
    • ‘Full blood cell count and erythrocyte sedimentation rate were within normal limits.’
    • ‘The final stage of erythrocyte production is when reticulocytes develop into erythrocytes.’
    • ‘The blood was pooled and then spun down to separate the erythrocytes from plasma.’
    • ‘Increased production of erythrocytes leads to an increase in oxygen supply.’