Definition of erythroid in English:



  • Relating to erythrocytes.

    ‘erythroid precursors in the bone marrow’
    • ‘Severe anemia due to bone marrow aplasia is often a major complication as a result of viral replication in erythroid precursors.’
    • ‘Megakaryocytes and erythroid precursors were not apparent, and no microorganisms were identified.’
    • ‘The bone marrow is also hypercellular with varying amounts of granulocytic and erythroid hyperplasia.’
    • ‘Bone marrow biopsy and other hematologic tests were consistent with agranulocytosis and marked erythroid hypoplasia of the megakaryocyte type.’
    • ‘The cellular morphology suggested possible erythroid differentiation, however a hemoglobin peroxidase study was negative.’
    • ‘Sections of the bone marrow demonstrated areas of erythroid hyperplasia; however, there was no evidence of malignant lymphoid infiltrates or a significant increase in blast cells.’