Definition of erythronium in English:


nounerythroniums, erythronia

  • A plant of a genus which includes dog's-tooth violet.

    Genus Erythronium, family Liliaceae

    • ‘Under the trees are clumps of hellebores, erythroniums, and trilliums.’
    • ‘To add to your tulips and erythroniums, you may consider Fritillaria meliagris, which is a pink-and-white British native.’
    • ‘‘Pagoda’ is one of the most commonly available erythroniums.’
    • ‘There, erythroniums are naturalised in grass and look wonderful when they flower in late February and March.’
    • ‘Although light shade is usually recommended for erythroniums, the nurseryman had found ‘Pagoda’ to do well in brighter conditions and he advised an open, sunny spot.’


Modern Latin, from Greek (saturion) eruthronion ‘red-flowered (orchid)’.