Definition of erythropoiesis in English:



mass nounPhysiology
  • The production of red blood cells.

    • ‘In renal failure, anemia occurs in part because uremic metabolites decrease the lifespan of circulating red blood cells and reduce erythropoiesis.’
    • ‘These hemorrhagic and hemolytic events would result in tissue hypoxia that would, in turn, stimulate erythropoiesis.’
    • ‘Iron deficiency in hemodialysis patients is caused by blood loss during the dialysis procedure, increased erythropoiesis, and insufficient absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract.’
    • ‘Iron-deficiency anemia is the most frequently diagnosed anemia and is associated with an inadequate supply of iron needed for erythropoiesis.’
    • ‘Because erythropoiesis is an ongoing process, there is a continuous progression of cells from erythroblasts to immature and mature erythrocytes, which is balanced in the steady-state condition.’