Definition of escallop in English:



  • 1

    variant spelling of escalope

  • 2

    another term for scallop (sense 2 of the noun)

  • 3Heraldry
    A scallop shell as a charge.

    ‘About the only tangible connection is the coat of arms (containing the three escallops of the Graham Clan).’
    ‘The full shield for the Elliot name was red within a border of silver upon which were eight blue escallops.’

verbescallops, escalloping, escalloped

another term for scallop (sense 3 of the verb)
‘There we enjoyed a glass of excellent Merlot, along with a delicious dish of escalloped fish and potatoes.’
another term for scallop (sense 3 of the verb)
‘Such things as macaroni au gratin and escalloped fish can also be baked and served in these dishes, which cost 25 cents each.’


Late 15th century (in escallop (sense 2 of the noun)): from Old French escalope ‘shell’. Compare with escalope and scallop.



/ɪˈskaləp/ /ɛˈskaləp/ /ɪˈskɒləp/ /ɛˈskɒləp/