Definition of escape mechanism in English:

escape mechanism


  • A mental process which enables a person to avoid acknowledging unpleasant or threatening aspects of reality.

    ‘some use drugs as an escape mechanism while incarcerated’
    • ‘Although Jones's desire to ‘lose’ himself with Ella Mae is ostensibly a desire to use sex as a temporary escape mechanism, his yearning to change places with the child reveals his need to be nurtured and protected by the black matriarch.’
    • ‘This raises questions about the relationship between the intensity of the escape mechanism and the level of stress faced by these participants.’
    • ‘Hope suddenly seems pragmatic and realistic, while despair can be seen a naïve escape mechanism, which is what it is.’
    • ‘He said he had never been comfortable in his own skin and used drink as an escape mechanism to become someone he wasn't.’
    • ‘For instance, recent research has suggested that different people gamble for different reasons, with some gambling to gain something while others gamble as an escape mechanism.’