Definition of eschar in English:



  • A dry, dark scab or falling away of dead skin, typically caused by a burn, an insect bite, or infection with anthrax.

    • ‘Formation of a local cutaneous papule ensues at the site of inoculation within three to five days after exposure; then, the papule ulcerates to form an eschar or a dark scab over the site.’
    • ‘The cutaneous form of anthrax presents with a darkened eschar or papule that is not painful, but can be somewhat itchy and is generally striking in appearance.’
    • ‘Early debridement of burn eschar is beneficial to wound healing.’
    • ‘Within two weeks the lesions turned to pustules and then enlarged to painful, ulcerated nodules up to 2 cm in diameter and ulcers with black eschars.’
    • ‘Topical treatment alone is not sufficient, as it does not effectively penetrate the eschar and damaged tissue.’


Late Middle English from French eschare or late Latin eschara ‘scar or scab’, from Greek (see also scar).