Definition of eschaton in English:



  • the eschatonThe final event in the divine plan; the end of the world.

    ‘the gift of eternal life at the eschaton’
    • ‘The deferral of judgment, by affirming temporary human judgments while marking them off as partial and sinful, creates a hopeful space before the eschaton's final judgment in which the grace of God may work.’
    • ‘Hence, this destiny in relation to God is the reason for which human beings are created; and yet this very destiny remains in the hands of eschatology, for it is only in the eschaton that God's work of creation will be complete.’
    • ‘The parable of the wheat and weeds in Matthew 13 cautions against trying to separate believers from unbelievers in these centuries before the eschaton.’
    • ‘The ultimate relationship between Judaism and Christianity will be resolved only in the eschaton.’
    • ‘It is much easier to talk about and create a conversation between science and theology about the beginning of the universe or about creation than it is about the end of the universe or about the eschaton.’



/ˈeskəˌtän/ /ˈɛskəˌtɑn/


1930s from Greek eskhaton, neuter of eskhatos ‘last’.