Definition of escudo in English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Portugal and the Cape Verde Islands, equal to 100 centavos (replaced in Portugal by the euro in 2002).

    • ‘Within one year of abandoning the escudo for the euro, Portugal, for example, was forced to make massive cuts in public spending to meet the stability pact's criteria.’
    • ‘The euro, which replaces the old francs, marks, guilders, pesetas, escudos, drachmas, and lire of the European Union, is not yet five years old.’
    • ‘Some taxi operators and small businesses were reported to be giving back change in both euros and escudos, against government recommendations.’
    • ‘She could earn up to 15,000 escudos a day, or three times the going rate for a building site in Lisbon.’
    • ‘The baron got 800 escudos a year in compensation.’
    • ‘Portugal had until the end of February to phase out the escudo.’


Spanish and Portuguese, from Latin scutum ‘shield’.



/ɛˈsk(j)uːdəʊ/ /ɛˈʃk(j)uːdəʊ/