Definition of esky lid in English:

esky lid


  • A bodyboard.

    ‘where'd you get the esky lid?’
    • ‘He then slid down the street on an esky lid.’
    • ‘The carnival was contested in sections and included events such as esky lid relays.’
    • ‘The fisherman had a miraculous escape after his boat capsized, swimming for 15 hours through shark-infested waters off South Australia clutching an Esky lid.’
    • ‘He swam off in a wetsuit, flippers and with an Esky lid for extra flotation.’
    • ‘The skateboarders don't take kindly to scooters being ridden around this park, kind of like surfers not liking esky lids, and skiers hating snowboarders.’


1990s from esky + lid, because of a supposed resemblance between a bodyboard and the lid of a coolbox.