Definition of esoterica in English:



  • Esoteric or highly specialized subjects or publications.

    ‘a professor of such esoterica as angelology and comparative shamanism’
    • ‘I can't deny however that somewhere within I carry a dream of a community where students and teachers sit in the sun together in a fragrant garden and discuss all kinds of esoterica.’
    • ‘As a reporter of celebrity sleaze, I may certainly be an epicenter of pop cultural esoterica, but I'm always skeptical of the latest ‘big thing.’’
    • ‘But when he was answering the challenge of whether the soul exists, his response did not depend on abstractions or esoterica but on the perceived experience of personal and historical growth.’
    • ‘Then there are snippets of absorbing esoterica, such as the fact that Mozart wrote the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, or that Vienna has its own Vegetable Orchestra.’
    • ‘In other words, I think that rural people are pragmatic and contemptuous of the left's seeming obsession with expensive esoterica.’
    • ‘Questions were asked that were nothing more than esoterica.’
    • ‘Anyone wanting to understand the deep historical connections between the numerous strands of modern esoterica would do well to read it.’
    • ‘A consultant's head is filled with such esoterica, and this is why he gets paid the big bucks.’
    • ‘He pointed out that the book review is a news service, a digest of the latest news about books - not publicity for publishers, nor a rarified forum for highbrow esoterica.’
    • ‘Even more daring is his willingness to write from an academic point of view about topics that make many scholars uncomfortable: esoterica and occult traditions.’
    • ‘The story just ended up being a perfect vehicle for mentioning any piece of bizarre esoterica that I fancied and seemed to fit.’
    • ‘More disturbingly, Gonzalez's aesthetics, confirmed by his own poetry, seem overly obsessed with language and esoterica.’
    • ‘They turn up some interesting esoterica: it's the connections they then try to make that I, personally, disagree with.’
    • ‘For the last year or so I've been very hermitish, reading bizarre occult books and other esoterica.’
    • ‘His book includes a series of questions both comprehensive and particular that demonstrate the intricate connection of politics and such academic esoterica as historical criticism of sacred texts.’
    • ‘I hoped it would be typified by communities which taught magic to the children from their earliest days - not as some somber esoterica but as an approach to actions and a guide for choices.’
    • ‘I think a lot of people come to magic through divination, because it's more accessible than some esoterica, and better known in the wide world.’
    • ‘They argue at considerable length about pop music esoterica.’
    • ‘I'm quite earnest about this - I'm trying to figure out where all this esoterica fits into my personality and belief system.’
    • ‘Does he immerse himself in gambling esoterica, lightly outwitting the fools who flock to the tables to give away their money?’



/ˌesəˈterikə/ /ˌɛsəˈtɛrɪkə/


Early 20th century from Greek esōterika, neuter plural of esōterikos ‘esoteric’.