Definition of esparto in English:


(also esparto grass)


  • A coarse grass with tough narrow leaves, native to Spain and North Africa. It is used to make ropes, wickerwork, and good-quality paper.

    Stipa tenacissima, family Gramineae

    • ‘The Canary Islands' production of tobacco and bananas is important, as is that of esparto grass on the eastern meseta for the manufacture of traditional footgear and other items.’
    • ‘Mostly desert, with only 2 percent of its territory arable, Libya's major exports were esparto grass and scrap iron from its World War II battlefields.’
    • ‘The pasture field was overgrown with an abundance of esparto grass, but the area where the carcass was found was clean and scorched.’


Mid 19th century from Spanish, via Latin from Greek sparton ‘rope’.