Definition of essentiality in English:



See essential

‘Perhaps the most important change needed in America's approach to nonproliferation enforcement is to accept the essentiality of organizing coalitions to deal with proliferation.’
  • ‘It is for this reason that Ms Chileshe advocates that the essentiality of indigenous knowledge systems be given a slot in the broad spectrum of modern environmental education.’
  • ‘There is a notion of museum essentiality that is by no means beyond debate.’
  • ‘That is the semantic essentiality of the word.’
  • ‘The study identifies unequivocally the essentiality of this gene for growth at low temperature.’
  • ‘The essentiality of Japan-China cooperation to regional peace and stability cannot be over-emphasized.’
  • ‘This relationship may account for a major portion of the nutritional essentiality of selenium.’



/əˌsen(t)SHēˈalədē/ /əˌsɛn(t)ʃiˈælədi/