Definition of establishmentarian in English:



  • Adhering to, advocating, or relating to the principle of an established Church.

    ‘establishmentarian politics’
    • ‘Because of its roots in the established Church of England, the Episcopal Church has long sought to play an establishmentarian role in the United States.’
    • ‘In the 1990s Sweden finally decided that the establishmentarian status of the Lutheran Church should be abolished by the year 2000.’
    right-wing, reactionary, traditionalist, unprogressive, establishmentarian, blimpish, ultra-right


  • A person adhering to or advocating the principle of an established Church.

    ‘This illustrates that the language of separation didn't come from the advocates of separation, but was used by the Establishmentarians to frighten people away from embracing the disestablishment agenda of the Baptists.’
    ‘He concluded that entanglements between religion and the civil state lead to the very corruption that establishmentarians argued was countered by an ecclesiastical establishment.’