Definition of esterification in English:



  • A reaction of an alcohol with an acid to produce an ester and water.

    • ‘The degrees of esterification were 92% and 28.5% while galacturonic acid contents were 82% and 65%, respectively, for the two pectins.’
    • ‘To convert it into fuel, the used fats and oil are subject to a process called esterification, where a sulphur-free product similar to diesel oil - Bio-Diesel - is created.’
    • ‘The dimerization equilibrium constant increases with the extent of esterification.’
    • ‘When a chemical demethylation of embedded cells was performed, a slight increase in labelling density was noticed, confirming that methyl esterification blocked anionic binding sites in the primary cell walls.’
    • ‘The bio-diesel is produced by converting the vegetable oils into methyl esters, by subjecting them to esterification and trans-esterification.’
    • ‘Continued esterification in bottle produces another range of possible aromas, all the more unpredictable since the esters are formed at very different rates.’



/esˌterəfiˈkāSHən/ /ɛsˌtɛrəfɪˈkeɪʃən/