Definition of estrone in English:


(British oestrone)


  • An estrogen similar to but less potent than estradiol.

    • ‘Natural estrogen can also easily be divided into the three types of estrogen: estradiol, estrone, and estriol.’
    • ‘There were increases in blood levels of the estrogens, estradiol and estrone, and a reduction of the protective HDL cholesterol.’
    • ‘I assume that you're taking an oral dose of estriol or some combination of estriol, estrone, and estradiol.’
    • ‘Much of the estradiol is converted into estrone and estriol, but these are only two of the best-known metabolites.’
    • ‘Experimental and epidemiological studies suggest a high concentration of estriol may be necessary to modulate the impact of the high concentrations of estradiol and estrone seen in pregnancy.’


1930s from oestrane(parent molecule of most oestrogens) + -one.



/ˈestrōn/ /ˈɛstroʊn/