Definition of estuarial in English:


Pronunciation /ˌesCHo͞oˈe(ə)rēəl/


See estuary

‘Although there were only a limited number of estuarial harbours capable of sheltering a large fleet, successful landings were frequent.’
  • ‘But not every pier is worth diving; boat traffic, access, fishing lines, current, estuarial visibility and concrete constructions defy divers, however promising they might seem from above.’
  • ‘You'd have to point to the staggering environmental cost of this development, the degradation of almost every aspect of life - air, water, estuarial life, forestry, grasslands.’
  • ‘The tolls charged for use of the Bridge were the highest for any estuarial crossing in Britain.’
  • ‘Gravesend is an estuarial town, almost surrounded by water - on the banks of the Thames, close to the Medway and not far from the coast.’