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Estuary English

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  • (in the UK) a type of accent identified as spreading outward from London and containing features of both received pronunciation and London speech.

    ‘the upper-class young already talk Estuary English’
    • ‘It's just that when I call my electricity provider I rather hope to hear a London accent, or perhaps even a grating example of Estuary English.’
    • ‘I mean, I know she's been living in Walford for a bit now, but even so… do accents just go like that, to be replaced with something that veers between Estuary English and slightly posh?’
    • ‘I migrated to Australia in 1960, and so have missed the rise of Estuary English and the ascendancy of the glottal stop in the UK, which John Sturrock discusses.’
    • ‘Even though they went to school in Peckham and spoke fluent Estuary English I thought in my heart they were really Scottish.’
    • ‘They speak in that forced Estuary English that can't all be down to celebrities like Jamie Oliver.’


Estuary English

/ˈesCHəˌwerē ˈiNG(ɡ)liSH/ /ˈɛstʃəˌwɛri ˈɪŋ(ɡ)lɪʃ/