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  • 1In a way that continues or lasts forever; permanently.

    as submodifier ‘his eternally optimistic attitude’
    • ‘we must be eternally vigilant’
    • ‘In the manuscript, the last line of the poem originally read: "Dead souls eternally alive."’
    • ‘There is no ideological pendulum swinging between two eternally fixed positions.’
    • ‘His gravestone is located in front of a quintet of ghostly musicians who eternally perform in the attraction's memorable graveyard scene.’
    • ‘May you rest eternally in peace in the arms of the Lord.’
    • ‘Max, on the other hand, seems eternally caught in limbo.’
    • ‘They believe the Qur'an is a perfect copy of a text that exists eternally in heaven.’
    • ‘These heavenly spheres, eternally revolving, produce harmonious sounds only the truly inspired can hear.’
    • ‘Anyone, consequently, who rejects the papal church and its dogmas, also rejects God and is eternally damned.’
    • ‘More important, it pointed to the greater reality that lay eternally beyond the world.’
    • ‘God's infinity is not formlessness but rather the beauty of a boundless agape, eternally and freely shared within the Trinity.’
    • ‘His hair is carefully styled and he dresses with a self-possessed style, but there is something eternally boyish to him.’
    • ‘The past, the present and the future are enacted simultaneously and eternally in the perennial drama of the world.’
    • ‘She was our angel on earth and remains, eternally, an angel in heaven.’
    • ‘She was depicted as a eternally young and skilled huntress.’
    • ‘He comes to represent dissidence, while the eternally optimistic object of his affection is the radiant face of national solidarity.’
    • ‘We have much to be proud of in Australia, but we need to be eternally vigilant.’
    • ‘Far from cloyingly sentimental, Sylvian's songs reflect a deep and abiding sense of the sacred eternally renewed in the common.’
    • ‘They make good the depredations of history to give us a Rome that appears both whole and eternally modern.’
    • ‘Rather, he states that they are intrinsically and eternally inseparable, while also being distinct.’
    • ‘But nature, by means of a curious contrivance, has rendered it impossible for men to remain eternally apart.’
    forever, permanently, for always, for good, for good and all, perpetually, evermore, for evermore, for ever and ever, for all time, for all future time, to the end of time, until the end of time, world without end, endlessly, timelessly, for eternity, in perpetuity, everlastingly, enduringly
    constantly, continually, continuously, always, all the time, the entire time, persistently, repeatedly, regularly
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    1. 1.1 informal In an annoying or tedious way that seems to last forever; constantly.
      • ‘he was rattling on eternally’
      • ‘She is the heartless beauty, the eternally pitiless woman.’
      • ‘He drinks eternally in search of a drunkenness that will never come.’
      • ‘Guess they'll just have to adjust to deep fried everything and ice tea that is eternally sweet.’
      • ‘You don't know what hell is until you've had an insurance salesman prattle on eternally about term life annuities.’
      • ‘The comedy pits the eternally bickering Beatrice and Benedick against each other.’
      • ‘Still, the story makes Shodd a Montreal institution, after which he's eternally referred to affectionately as "Shoddy."’
  • 2as submodifier Used to emphasize expressions of admiration, gratitude, etc.

    ‘I'll be eternally grateful’
    • ‘She's also been helping me tile my kitchen floor for which I will be eternally grateful.’
    • ‘For everything you gave to Music, we shall be eternally in your debt.’
    • ‘I am eternally indebted to her for what she has given us.’
    • ‘For this, he is eternally grateful to his ancestors.’
    • ‘It's a legacy from those years of living off the land for which I am eternally grateful.’
    • ‘They will be eternally grateful to you.’
    • ‘However, my Lord has taken its sting for me and for that I am eternally thankful.’
    • ‘Microsoft appears to have constructed a kind of alternate universe for itself, where Microsoft never loses, and all are eternally indebted to their vast wisdom and largess.’



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