Definition of eternity ring in English:

eternity ring


  • A ring given as a symbol of lasting affection, typically set with an unbroken circle of gems.

    ‘a gold and diamond eternity ring’
    • ‘Many women also wear their gold wedding ring with a diamond engagement ring and an eternity ring.’
    • ‘The rings were my aunt's original wedding ring, her engagement ring and her eternity ring.’
    • ‘In the latest burglary, they took a three-string set of pearls, given to me by my mother, and an eternity ring belonging to my mother-in-law.’
    • ‘Donna does not claim to be the most romantic person in the world - her husband wanted to get her an eternity ring for her birthday, and she insisted on a toaster.’
    • ‘She said an eternity ring to which she had added rubies to remember her daughter's life was saved because she was wearing it.’
    • ‘I spent five days in York and lost my eternity ring on Friday, March 31.’
    • ‘My husband gave me an eternity ring on Mother's Day this year.’
    • ‘He slides the eternity ring onto Claire's finger and smiles.’
    • ‘It was the eternity ring she had always dreamed of.’
    • ‘She said it was then that the homeowner realised she had been burgled and that a ruby and diamond eternity ring was missing as well as £200 in cash.’
    • ‘Before making a start on the repair work, I presented Debbie with her eternity ring.’
    • ‘Burglars stole £600 worth of Christmas presents and a jewellery box containing a man's watch and eternity ring from a home in Northfleet, earlier that same day.’
    • ‘‘Simple classic diamond pieces have sold well over the last ten days, including diamond stud earrings, pendants and eternity rings, with customers spending anywhere from €200 to €5,000,’ said McDowell.’
    • ‘On closer examination Janice made the awful discovery that treasured family items like her engagement, wedding and eternity rings as well as antique jewellery from her grandmother had also been taken in the robbery.’
    • ‘She said: ‘They were my engagement ring, the ring my husband gave me on our 25th wedding anniversary, two eternity rings and one that had belonged to my husband's grandmother.’’
    • ‘The jeweler said it was one of those eternity rings.’


eternity ring