Definition of Etesian in English:



  • Denoting a dry northwesterly wind (the meltemi) that blows during the summer in the eastern Mediterranean.

    ‘the strong, dry north Etesian winds blow on the Aegean Sea’
    • ‘Here the winters are the mildest in the country and the summer heat is tempered by sea breezes and the persistent etesian wind.’
    • ‘Herodotus, among other ancients, says that the Etesian wind is not the source of the Nile's flood, noting that the wind fails in some years and in other years does not coincide with the inundations.’



/əˈtēZHən/ /əˈtiʒən/


Early 17th century from Latin etesius ‘annual’ (from Greek etēsios, from etos ‘year’) + -an.