Definition of etherize in English:


transitive verb

(also British etherise)
[with object]mainly historical
  • Anesthetize (a person or animal) with ether.

    ‘the blood samples were obtained from a pair of etherized frogs’
    • ‘I read it, feeling faintly etherized’
    • ‘The physician performed the examination, diagnosed the lump as a fibroid tumor, and performed an operation to remove the tumor while, as T. S. Eliot puts it, the patient was etherized upon the table.’
    • ‘The famous opening comparison of the evening sky to ‘a patient etherized upon a table’ makes clear the anesthetizing power of the polluting haze.’
    • ‘The temporary loss of control over the will (such as occurs during etherized paralysis), he implies, only reveals the extent to which the conscious mind is never the centre of its own will nor entirely in control of its own movements.’
    • ‘When you are ready to etherize the flies, remove the stopper from the mouth of the etherizer.’
    • ‘He was assisting Dr. Dixon of Boylston Street in a confinement case, during which it was found necessary to etherize the mother.’
    • ‘This film is a document of our etherized condition: not terminal yet, maybe, but close.’



/ˈēTHəˌrīz/ /ˈiθəˌraɪz/