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  • 1Relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.

    ‘ethical issues in nursing’
    • ‘ethical churchgoing men’
    • ‘In this case, the mother was not arguing a religious, moral or ethical principle.’
    • ‘The way scientific knowledge is used raises ethical issues for everyone involved, not just scientists.’
    • ‘Consequently, the Authority's discretion on issues of ethical principle is difficult to challenge.’
    • ‘Theories based on natural rights were to be the principal vehicles for the discussion of ethical issues for the rest of the century.’
    • ‘It does, in fact, cover many moral and ethical issues and the submissions reflected this.’
    • ‘Those moral and ethical issues have been under-discussed, at least as far as cybernetics is concerned.’
    • ‘Surely humans have the ability to intervene in any number of moral and ethical issues purely by virtue of their sentience?’
    • ‘However, this case does raise the moral and ethical issues in a peculiarly sharp form.’
    • ‘In legal terms you might argue that they should be treated differently but in moral and ethical terms I see no difference.’
    • ‘Perhaps fewer of us are sensitive to what we might call the moral or ethical environment.’
    • ‘There is a general difficulty in inferring the underlying values or ethical principles that support social practices.’
    • ‘One may occasionally hear the claim that human use of animals raises no ethical issues whatsoever.’
    • ‘The underlying ethical principle here is that all people are of equal moral value and that it is wrong to treat them otherwise.’
    • ‘Reliable scientific knowledge has no ethical content, it is the way the world is.’
    • ‘Respectable ad agencies, of course, will insist that their own ethical standards are unimpeachable.’
    • ‘In order to raise ethical questions, the story and characters have to involve readers.’
    • ‘It is the ethical codes of the professional groups that prevent notification.’
    • ‘But even more conclusive evidence exists that doctors need help with ethical problems.’
    • ‘The ethical problems facing doctors and vets obviously differ in some ways.’
    • ‘Not long ago researchers examining ethical issues in medicine and health care had a different focus.’
    1. 1.1Morally good or correct.
      ‘can a profitable business be ethical?’
      • ‘Besides, the average oilman is too ethical and morally upstanding to work in such places only for profit.’
      • ‘He was convinced that the lower classes must fear God in order to be ethical.’
      • ‘Do you say that it's also a legitimate, appropriate, ethical business as well?’
      • ‘Does an organization need ethical leadership in order to be effective and successful?’
      • ‘Reaffirmation of values and morality can lead to a return to an ethical profession.’
      • ‘What the world really needs right now is moral, ethical, and honest leaders whose words and actions we can trust.’
      • ‘Mr Bradley's quietly principled and wholly ethical stance is to be commended.’
      • ‘The information is in the public domain and it is ethical to republish it in the BMJ.’
      • ‘As healthcare providers, we often wonder whether it is ethical to use a control group or not.’
      • ‘How ethical is it to test drugs for AIDS in countries that cannot afford these treatments?’
      • ‘Was it medically ethical for a doctor to go to these extremes to test a patient's grasp on reality?’
      morally correct, right-minded, right-thinking, principled, irreproachable, unimpeachable, blameless, guiltless
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    2. 1.2Avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.
      ‘an expert on ethical investment’
      • ‘switching to more ethical products’
      • ‘adopt ethical shopping habits’
      • ‘ethical holidays’
      • ‘Broadly speaking, there are two types of ethical fund.’
      • ‘Without mandated standards, many corporate managers are left with some thorny ethical dilemmas.’
      • ‘Therefore the ethical question concerning productivity increases is important to consider.’
      • ‘You have said that you want CSFB to be an "ethical" investment bank.’
      • ‘Mack is also pulling the plug on ventures that could blur ethical lines.’
      • ‘Data within the October edition of Money Management supports the view that ethical investing is generally no better than blindly holding an index tracker.’
      • ‘Approximately 60 %, however, believed that ethical dilemmas are an avoidable consequence of doing business.’
      • ‘You often see ethical funds arguing that they achieve better performance.’
      • ‘Ethical investment funds are committed to the principle that investors must accept some responsibility for the actions of the companies from which they profit.’
      • ‘Within the next few months I think the Medical Council will change its ethical guidelines to allow abortion in the case of suicide risk.’
      • ‘The MBA programs on my campus start with a retreat where students get an in-depth immersion in ethics and ethical decision-making.’
      • ‘Increasingly, more insurers are partaking in agreements and codes of conduct which bind us to the correct ethical position for the long-term future.’
      • ‘Increasingly, boards are expected as well to monitor human resources and social assets and to conduct social and ethical audits.’
      • ‘Then there are the so-called 'light green' funds, somewhat like a Diet Coke in the world of ethical investing.’
      • ‘The Body Shop brand was associated the world over with honour, integrity and all things ethical.’
      • ‘The chapter discusses both the ethical implications of social psychological research findings and the ethical decisions implicit in how social influence research is conducted.’
      • ‘To me, there are few things as beautiful as an ethical, profitable, customer-centered, well-run company.’
      • ‘We want to be known as an ethical firm on Wall Street, and we want to be trusted.’
      • ‘Legal (and ethical) barriers deterred people from engaging in insider trading and punished people who cross the line.’
      • ‘Many involve the ethical use of biotechnology.’
  • 2attributive (of a medicine) legally available only on a doctor's prescription and usually not advertised to the general public.

    ‘all types of drugs, including ethical drugs and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals’
    • ‘The new opportunities that this offers to the pharmaceutical industry mean that, if they are to be fully realized, companies' future strategies will need to be orientated not only around the key area of ethical drugs but also around the potential long-term role of over-the-counter sales.’
    • ‘Early returns from a survey now going on in San Francisco indicate that use of ethical drugs is indeed more common in better educated and higher income groups.’



/ˈeTHəkəl/ /ˈɛθəkəl/