Definition of ethmoidal in English:




See ethmoid

  • ‘The two frontal sinuses are just above the eyebrows, the two maxillary sinuses by the cheekbones and the two ethmoidal sinuses are between the nasal cavity and the eye sockets, and drain into the middle of the nose.’
  • ‘Branches of the nasal nerve have been described passing to the frontal, ethmoidal, and sphenoidal sinuses.’
  • ‘Maxillary and ethmoidal sinuses were normal.’
  • ‘Although squamous cell carcinoma is the most common paranasal tumour, adenocarcinoma is the most common ethmoidal sinus tumour.’
  • ‘Due to the paucity of cases reported in the literature, treatment of ethmoidal adenocarcinoma with orbital compression is best discussed by referring to other paranasal tumours that invade the orbit.’