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ethnic cleansing

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  • The mass expulsion or killing of members of an unwanted ethnic or religious group in a society.

    ‘The same mechanism is involved in all pogroms, all ethnic cleansing, and all wars.’
    • ‘Non-intervention in the face of mass murder or ethnic cleansing is not the same as neutrality in time of war.’
    • ‘Both have been involved in sectarian murders and ethnic cleansing.’
    • ‘It would lead to a wave of expulsions, ethnic cleansing and regional conflicts.’
    • ‘Now the regime is perpetrating massacres and ethnic cleansing in two new areas of the country.’
    • ‘What if the side on whose behalf we bomb urban areas subsequently commits ethnic cleansing under our military protection?’
    • ‘He accelerated his policy of ethnic cleansing as soon as the war began.’
    • ‘Amnesty International is concerned that the offensive looks like ethnic cleansing.’
    • ‘The prosecutors in the Hague need to prove that he knew of and approved the killings and ethnic cleansing.’
    • ‘In certain limited cases, such as genocidal massacre or ethnic cleansing, other states have a responsibility to step in.’
    • ‘The Genocide Museum is a memorial to the victims of ethnic cleansing.’
    • ‘There is no genocide, no ethnic cleansing and no murder of the scale that outsiders allege.’
    • ‘As the civil war raged and pogroms ensued, ethnic cleansing on a monumental scale created millions of refugees.’
    • ‘Before comparisons can begin, however, we must examine what ethnic cleansing means.’
    • ‘Such a structure would only entrench current divisions and might even lead to ethnic cleansing.’
    • ‘Four years after the cessation of fighting, ethnic cleansing remains an intractable problem.’
    • ‘The horror of ethnic cleansing was shown on TV screens across the world last week.’
    • ‘This remains one of the most heinous acts of ethnic cleansing in human history.’
    • ‘And moving forces into Sudan to stop ethnic cleansing and genocide is not imperialism.’
    • ‘When in Chad, the mission interviewed refugees who escaped alleged ethnic cleansing.’
    slaughter, wholesale slaughter, mass slaughter, wholesale killing, indiscriminate killing


ethnic cleansing

/ˌeTHnik ˈklenziNG/ /ˌɛθnɪk ˈklɛnzɪŋ/