Definition of ethnic minority in English:

ethnic minority


  • A group that has different national or cultural traditions from the main population.

    ‘The populations of ethnic minorities account for 8.41 percent of the national total.’
    • ‘We are not going to let that happen to the Muslim community, to an ethnic minority, whatever happens next.’
    • ‘We do not need cheap community gimmicks to enrol ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘Twenty-six villages of ethnic minorities nestle within the Doi Tung development area.’
    • ‘It is so typical of our western mindset to seek to impose on ethnic minorities our own oppressive cultural norms.’
    • ‘One good factor was the tremendous support received from the ethnic minorities in our community.’
    • ‘The one blot on their record was the brutal treatment of ethnic minorities within Georgia.’
    • ‘Individual dance styles are associated with many of the ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘Seats are set aside in the House of Representatives for ethnic minorities and Croats in the diaspora.’
    • ‘Social change programs for ethnic minorities and women are in their infancy.’
    • ‘Under the British, ethnic minorities generally were able to retain some autonomy.’
    • ‘Discrimination against ethnic minorities is a problem.’
    • ‘It does indeed seem unlikely that an article making the same criticisms of gay culture or ethnic minorities would be allowed in.’
    • ‘In particular they need young people from ethnic minorities to join.’
    • ‘The term ethnic minority is often used to refer to marginalized cultural groups.’
    • ‘The practice resembled the local population in containing relatively few patients from ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘Would it work even in London's schools, where children from ethnic minorities will be in the majority within a few years?’
    • ‘The industry knows it has a problem with the way it portrays ethnic minorities, in particular the Muslim community.’
    • ‘The National Blood Service is also looking for more donors from ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘There is a good partnership between ethnic minorities and the rest of the community in Bolton.’
    ethnic group, ethnic minority, tribe, clan, race, nation


ethnic minority

/ˈeTHnik məˈnôrədē/ /ˈɛθnɪk məˈnɔrədi/