Definition of ethnoarchaeological in English:



See ethnoarchaeology

  • ‘These have considered the antiquity of the technology and its distribution, uses, associated social conditions, and means of archaeological identification, including ethnoarchaeological analyses.’
  • ‘The conceptual gap lies between the material remains of the past and the intentions and actions of humans who created them, and it is argued that it can be bridged through the use of ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological analogy.’
  • ‘Modern hunter-gatherers became the focus of ethnoarchaeological studies to verify our interpretation of the ‘adaptational’ relationship between society and the environment.’
  • ‘He expanded on Thomas's ethnoarchaeological study by analyzing 30 museum-curated dart specimens, most from the American Southwest.’
  • ‘Ethnoarchaeological research can be most profitable when used in an area where cultural continuity is great, for example in Latin America, where traditions and customs may survive for generations.’