Definition of ethnobotanical in English:



See ethnobotany

  • ‘OK, our garden is based around ethnobotanical plants which are useful to people, not only for foods and medicines, but also for fibres, dyes, cosmetics, perfumes, poisons and so on.’
  • ‘Plants from tropical rainforests represent a rich source of potential immunomodulating substances, and leads from ethnobotanical practices have been the primary source of plant selection in recent years.’
  • ‘The result of this collaboration is a book rich in ethnobotanical information, well and clearly presented, and enhanced by the introductory chapters giving the social history and background of the Florida Seminole Indians.’
  • ‘The ethnobotanical research I draw on was developed in consultation with Aboriginal people in the settlements of Timber Creek, Yarralin, Lingara, Pigeon Hole and Daguragu.’
  • ‘His research and publications deal with exchange, ritual, and ethnobotanical systems in southeastern Papua New Guinea.’