Definition of ethnocentric in English:



  • Evaluating other cultures according to preconceptions originating in the standards and customs of one's own culture.

    • ‘The first generation of western historians to address the western environment as an agent in shaping the region reflected the ethnocentric preconceptions of their time.’
    • ‘This manifests, in my opinion, a clear-cut case of cultural and ethnocentric chauvinism on the part of the European scholars.’
    • ‘Nor should this be seen purely as a matter of cultural imperialism or ethnocentric prejudice.’
    • ‘Although individuation is viewed as the optimal path to identity development in some cultures, this is ethnocentric and biased when viewed in the context of other cultures across the world.’
    • ‘However, while I succeeded in producing a space for the validation of local voices, I am less certain that this in any way challenged parochial and ethnocentric perspectives.’
    • ‘Such ethnocentric representation of the indigenous and the aboriginal suggests the poet's lack of sympathy with her environment - that is, her estrangement.’
    • ‘For we are exemplifying the attitude we claim to despise; we would rather die than be ethnocentric, but ethnocentrism is precisely the conviction that one would rather die than share certain beliefs.’
    • ‘Equating the week with a seven-day rhythm is a result of an ethnocentric bias that is challenged through an examination of the surprisingly wide variability of the week's length in different parts of the world.’
    • ‘Teaching American history - our common story - as opposed to group-identity history, is rejected as ethnocentric and jingoistic.’
    • ‘We are proudly independent, ethnocentric, xenophobic, and nativistic, he argued, while showing off his flashy vocabulary.’
    • ‘Beyond this, the editor made efforts to address and correct common misconceptions and biases found in ethnocentric texts and media coverage about the region.’
    • ‘Such examination and subsequent awareness is not always easy because people have a tendency to be blind to their bias or ethnocentric perspectives.’
    • ‘This does help to counter a traditional overemphasis on western societies and an ethnocentric bias in the treatment of other societies.’
    • ‘We assert that it is culturally ethnocentric and logically absurd to relegate a universal phenomenon to the pathological domain.’
    • ‘They are totally unconscious of the latent racism which such a campaign evokes in countries where ethnocentric prejudice is so deep-rooted.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, many highly ethnocentric societies are not racist.’
    • ‘By its very definition, the perception inherent in Orientalism is racist, imperialist and ethnocentric.’
    • ‘I wonder when you will see fit to take our government's ethnocentric and intolerant activities to task?’
    • ‘Instead of wit, he interpreted my jokes as racist and ethnocentric misinformation.’
    • ‘The new communitarian thinking can be one way of accepting ethnic debates without sounding ethnocentric.’
    jingoistic, chauvinistic, excessively patriotic, excessively nationalistic, sectarian, isolationist, flag-waving, xenophobic, racist, racialist, ethnocentric