Definition of ethnocentricity in English:



See ethnocentric

  • ‘Few people would deny that individuals vary in their level of awareness of their own sexism (or racism, ethnocentricity, or even anthropocentricity).’
  • ‘How much more powerful is our ethnocentricity when we are faced with real individuals whose lifestyles, beliefs about disability, and child-rearing practices challenge our own deepest beliefs?’
  • ‘This is not a matter of shunning that which you hold sacred - it is simply about opening the doors of ethnocentricity to allow in others whose views might differ from your own.’
  • ‘My own attempts at avoiding ethnocentricity have been rather shaken up over the last fortnight, and I'd like to talk about it.’
  • ‘Cross argues that dismissing music as a useless frill smacks of ethnocentricity.’