Definition of ethnocultural in English:



  • Relating to or denoting a particular ethnic group.

    ‘in 1945 the French and English were still the dominant ethnocultural groups in Canada’
    • ‘The major cleavages are ethnocultural (Flemish speakers versus Francophones), philosophical (the church versus liberals) and economic.’
    • ‘Each chapter identifies relevant cultural variables specific to each racial/ethnic group, along with ethnocultural measures and their relevant psychometric properties.’
    • ‘In this chapter I will focus on the claims raised by ethnocultural groups, such as immigrants, national minorities, indigenous peoples, and racial groups.’
    • ‘Their relationship to slavery, and native southerners' perceptions of that relationship, would impart to the South's ethnocultural relations a distinctive type of conflict not to be found in the North.’
    • ‘Secondly, a description of international students can provide useful background information for counselors to develop culturally-responsive programs that operate within the existing values of the target ethnocultural groups.’
    • ‘Huang proposes that practitioners conduct ethnocultural assessments focusing on specific sociocultural factors, as well as standard assessments, when working with culturally different youths.’
    • ‘It is particularly important, when working with immigrant Korean families, to be aware of the family's beliefs regarding the helpfulness of various ethnocultural medical practices peculiar to Korea.’
    • ‘In ethnocultural interviews conducted with Korean American adolescents by the authors, unpleasant racially based experiences were frequently mentioned as a part of their problems.’
    • ‘Practitioners need to understand such ecological realities and ethnocultural dynamics faced by Asian American youth in order to engage them in treatment and help them more effectively.’
    • ‘She works with immigrants, refugees, members of nondominant ethnocultural groups, and a variety of systems, to build capacities and dismantle systemic discrimination.’
    • ‘Third, nutrition interventions that ‘empower’ immigrant women and ethnocultural communities should be promoted.’
    • ‘Both immigrant groups and national minorities are, in different ways, seeking legal recognition of their ethnocultural identities and practices.’
    • ‘In addition, ethnocultural representation was considered.’
    • ‘The history of American labor movements during these years is a tale of both immigrant activism and ethnocultural struggle.’
    • ‘Typical examples include the nation and language-based ethnocultural groups.’