Definition of ethnohistorical in English:



See ethnohistory

  • ‘By 1999, all six indigenous territories in Bosawas were mapped and zoned, and there were ethnohistorical and socioeconomic studies for each territory conducted by the people themselves.’
  • ‘For over forty years Swanton worked for the Smithsonian's Bureau of Ethnology gathering ethnohistorical information about southeastern Indians.’
  • ‘The implications of this essay, when read in conjunction with the earlier historic and ethnographic chapters, are manifold, and indicate fertile ground for further ethnohistorical investigation.’
  • ‘Milanich skillfully blends the archaeological, ethnohistorical, and historical literature to provide the reader with a clear understanding of Spanish Florida.’
  • ‘Although the editors examine the language of these treaties, they do little to analyze their acceptance or significance from an ethnohistorical perspective.’
  • ‘She skillfully uses ethnohistorical methods to demonstrate that although changes occurred, essential values persisted.’