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‘The expert knowledge of folklorists and ethnologists is also in demand in the tourist and development industries and their academic writings are a cachet to earning consultancies and contracts.’
  • ‘In our present world, where issues of culture, identity and their connection with religious expression are alive as never before, there is a pressing and challenging role for the folklorist and the ethnologist.’
  • ‘Anthropologists and ethnologists have studied the cultural processes by which particular persons, places, and historical events become invested with sacred or mythological significance.’
  • ‘For many ethnologists and anthropologists, collective identity does not represent the truth even among the most archaic communities.’
  • ‘The last decade has seen an enormous upswing of interest in historical photographs among ethnologists and historians.’



/eTHˈnäləjəst/ /ɛθˈnɑlədʒəst/