Definition of ethnomethodology in English:



mass noun
  • A method of sociological analysis that examines how individuals use everyday conversation to construct a common-sense view of the world.

    • ‘I also think that ethnomethodology and conversation analysis could be successfully adapted to give us some unique insights into blogging as a social practice.’
    • ‘An approach that is gaining increasing attention in the study of medical consultations is ethnomethodology and conversation analysis.’
    • ‘These methods include empirical phenomenology, ethnomethodology, discourse analysis, conversation analysis, narrative analysis, and action research, among others.’
    • ‘Where we most seriously diverge, it seems, is in Parsons' tacit acceptance of ethnomethodology, symbolic interactionism and future studies as the best means to understand these complex relations.’
    • ‘Conversation analysis is a discovery-oriented, inductive approach rooted in ethnomethodology.’
    • ‘Crabtree and his colleagues show why this issue is important in their discussion of ethnography and ethnomethodology.’
    • ‘if you actually are familiar with ethnomethodology, that would explain quite a bit to me.’